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Various Notable Contributions To The Architectural World.

Homes and other living structures need to be built while ensuring safety of residents, long lasting solutions and to look impressive and attractive as well. Various architects in the past came up with ideas and styles which are used today in construction of homes and other structures. The works of the architects have made it possible for modern buildings to be built while referring to the guidelines they introduced. A particular architect, interior designer and educator is recognized for the unique buildings, architectural designs and ideas he introduced. The architect was responsible for the design and construction of some of the most famous structures seen as masterpieces due to their uniqueness.

One of the styles associated with the architect include horizontal lines especially for residential homes. The architect used bold lines to create an impression of wider and further sprawled structures than the actual footprints of the buildings. Another unique style involved the use of mass-produced materials in constructing the structures which were not commonly used before. A wide range of prefabricated materials including plastics, concrete stones, fiberglass, wood and glass were deployed instead of common materials. Buildings constructed by the architect had extended roof lines and open floor plans going against the normal box shaped structures during that period.

The roof lines went beyond the exterior walls thereby creating unique and attractive buildings which were not box shaped. Most buildings during the era were designed to resemble boxes and the floors were segmented. Open floor plans made the structures look impressive and unique and at the same time improved on space usage. It was the architect’s wish that buildings should not degrade or destroy the environment but rather create better looking surroundings. The architect built structures that blended with the surrounding through using styles to mimic and beautify the environment. Designing structures flowing with the environment encouraged others to deploy environmental friendly techniques and materials to conserve the environment. Structures designed by the architect involved heavy use of glass so as to increase visibility and allow more light into the structures.

In some buildings, entire walls were built using glass and this made it possible for the interiors to be viewed clearly even from outside. The architect is renown for using custom light fixtures, furniture and interiors of the buildings since he was also an interior designer. Apart from using lots of glass to bring in more light, the architect also ensured sufficient light through customized indoor and outdoor lighting styles. The light fixtures associated with the architect had stained glass exteriors, overhanging caps and unique straight lines. Furniture made using the architect’s styles featured straight and clean lines which were enhanced with unique geometric styling. premanufactured homes are affordable and easy to acquire since the materials are readily available and also cheap while giving quality and comfortable homes.