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Facts About Low Sex Drive in Women

Are you facing a decline in your sexual desires as a woman? This could be the sign of a low sexual drive disorder Aging is a common factor that leads to low sex drive in women. Other factors that could lead to low sex drive in women could be the use of mood disorder medications. Below is everything you need to know about low sexual drive experienced by women.


When a partner cannot the sexual desires of the other partner, it can lead to many problems in the relationship. It is near impossible for a person to determine when they are going through the low sexual drive.

Some common symptoms showed by women with low sex drive includes disinterest in sexual activities. This also includes self-pleasure methods such as masturbation. Another symptom is showing less sexual fantasies or even thoughts. Another related symptom related to suffering from low sex drive is when it starts to become a problem.

When to Visit a Doctor
In case you feel you are feeling a depreciation in your sexual drive, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. A particular medication could the solution for all your troubles. It could also do with improving any chronic medical conditions including diabetes or high blood pressure.


Many factors come into play that could end up affecting your sexual drive. Consulting your doctor is a step closer to learn more about your case. Lifestyle choices play a role in affecting your sexual drive. Here are some physical causes that can lead to low sexual drive.
One major cause of this condition is sexual problems. Having troubles with reaching sexual orgasm or pain during intercourse are examples of such problems. Another related cause is sexual diseases that affect your sexual drive. Diabetes, arthritis, neurological diseases or high blood pressure are some examples.

Different medications could also cause your condition. Too much intake of antidepressants could affect your partner’s sex drive. Lifestyle choice could end up affecting your sexual drive. Sipping that glass of wine daily could end up reducing your sexual drive.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes play a significant role in affecting your sex drive. A major cause for reduced sexual desires for women is caused by entering menopause. Menopause stage is known to affect the level of estrogen levels.

Reduction in sexual drive in women can be due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hormonal changes are common with pregnancy when it comes to having a baby. Going through fatigue with the pregnancy period leads to a reduction in the sex drive of a woman. However, low sex drive in women is not a permanent condition because there are several medical options.
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